11 julho, 2020

Leaves Of Gold. The history of the craft of goldbeating. George M. Whiley Ltd.

An account of the Ancient Craft of Goldbeating and its development into a Modern Industry. ]This copy of Leaves Of Gold is one of a limited private edition number 297]. This book has been produced by Newman Neame Limited and designed by John Lewis. First Published in 1951. Printed in Great Britain by The Chiswick Press. Paper made by Grosvenor Chater & Co Ltd. Bound by The Straker Bookbinding Co Ltd. The drawings are by John Minton. The text has been prepareted in colaboration with Cecil Whiley by H. L. Hunter. In-4.º de 70-II págs. Encadernação editorial com gravações na pasta e lombada com estojo cartonado de protecção. Exemplar em bom estado.
€ 150,00

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